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Never lose a payment with smart processing

24/7 remote management for parking operators

Lowest downtime in industry

Maximize revenue and minimize traffic

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Who we are

Pied Parker provides a next generation computer-vision based parking management system that allows operators, property managers, and owners to fully manage their parking asset remotely with Smart LPR cameras, Bluetooth beacons, and world class software.

Automated process

3-Step Automated Entry/Exit

  • 1

    Vehicle approaches barrier

  • 2

    Vehicle is recognized by Smart Beacon and LPR Camera

  • 3

    Pied Box authenticates vehicle and opens the barrier starting/ending session on vehicle’s Pied Parker account

Why we are the most addicting parking technology

  • Low Cost
  • Remote Barrier Control
  • Fast Scanning with High Accuracy
  • On Demand Technical Support
Existing system vs pied comparison

Let’s put parking management power back in your hands

Commercial Dashboard

Our dashboard is designed by parking operators and a silicon valley dream team to make parking management both quick and fun.

Solutions for…

Parking solution


Solution for events


Smart cities

Smart Cities

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